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Two Upcoming Events

Please join us for two exciting events next week!

A flyer advertising the event entitled "Women and Extreme Punishment: The Use of the Death Penalty for Drug Offenses," which will take place on October 6th at 13:30-15:00 GVA. Speakers will discuss how women are disproportionately impacted by drug policies and face unique forms of discrimination within criminal justice systems.

The CCDPW, in collaboration with Harm Reduction International, is thrilled to announce the release of “No One Believed Me: A Global Overview of Women Facing the Death Penalty for Drug Offenses » at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva! This event will be livestreamed and is taking place from 1:30-3:00pm UTC (7:30-9:00am EST) and you can register to attend here.


Flyer advertising the event entitled "Defending Women Facing the Death Penalty: A Global Call to Action," which takes place October 7th from 12–1:15 PM ET. The panel will consist of two former death row prisoners, Debra Milke and Sabrina Butler-Smith, and three female lawyers from around the world, Sandra Babcock (United States and abroad), Sarah Belal (Pakistan), and Pamela Okoroigwe (Nigeria).

Then, on October 7th  at 12:00pm EST, CCDPW and Witness To Innocence will be co-hosting the launch of our new publication, “Defending Women and Transgender Persons Facing the Death Penalty: A Practical Guide.” This publication is a gender best practices manual for capital defenders representing women and members of the LGBTQ+ community facing extreme sentences. This is also open to the public! We hope you will join us as we host a panel of formerly incarcerated women and female lawyers from around the world as they discuss the utility of a gender sensitive approach. Register here!


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