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Fellows watch interview training

Makwanyane Institute 2018: Fellows watch trainer Celia Rumann (United States) demonstrate client interviewing skills with actor Godfrey Simmons at Cornell University, New York.

2019 Makwanyane Institute Call for Applications

The Cornell Center on the Death Penalty Worldwide is pleased to accept applications for its third Makwanyane Institute, an intensive training workshop for capital defenders. The Makwanyane Institute will take place in Franschhoek, South Africa from July 28 to August 8, 2019. Named in honor of the South African Constitutional Court’s seminal decision abolishing the death penalty, the Makwanyane Institute will offer selected Fellows the opportunity to participate in specialized training, litigation support, and community-building.

The Institute invites applications from criminal defense lawyers practicing in common law jurisdictions in Africa, including Botswana, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Applications are due March 18, 2019.

The 2019 Makwanyane Fellows will travel from July 28 to August 8, 2019 to South Africa to be trained and mentored by a team of leading experts in death penalty representation. After training, the participants will join a growing network of Makwanyane Fellows throughout Africa who are devoted to innovative practices and challenges to the application of the death penalty. Fellows are expected to organize follow-up trainings in their country of practice to spread the lessons they learn at the Institute to their colleagues and beyond.

Airfare, accommodation, and meals are provided for Makwanyane Fellows.

The application form and more information is here:


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